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    Anytime a message is sent via the Twicet Theme contact page the following error message occurs:

    Warning: mail() [function.mail]: SMTP server response: 451 See in D:Hosting6406276htmlwp-contentthemestwicetsend.php on line 72

    Please advise.


    this sometimes happens when your mail server isn’t configured by your webspace provider. I would recommend to you that you contact your server admin or provider and ask them to activate your mail server so that the php function mail() works ;)


    I contacted godaddy support before starting this thread, this was their response:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Thank you for contacting Hosting Support regarding your account. We have investigated the issue of your contact form returning errors. I have confirmed php mail() is functioning correctly from your hosting account with test scripts. If you continue to receive this error please review the URL provided by the URL and contact the provider of the Plug-In sending the email for further assistance.

    Please let us know if we can help you in any other way.



    Try going through the “forgot password” function on wp-login.php

    Do you get the email? If you don’t it’s something to do with your hosting, if you do get it let me know.

    Best regards,



    Interesting… Got this error when going through the “forgot password” function:

    500 – Internal server error.

    There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.


    It looks like a problem with the server configuration, this may be a bug with the mail() function or just a poor setup for a WordPress site. Do you have GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting or one of their regular packages?

    The only way to solve this is to contact their support team explaining the problem and that you get the 500 Server Error when trying to reset your password. Alternatively, change to another web host.


    I’ve done dozens of WP installs on GoDaddy. Just had this same issue with one for a new client. The major difference I see? Windows vs. Linux server. The new client we have has a Windows server setup on GoDaddy and all of ours have been Linux based with GoDaddy. We’re going to try and switch them over today and see if it solves the issue.



    Ok, can you let us know if it is down to the server :)

    The other alternative is to use the WP SMTP Mail plugin and use your own mail account to send messages.




    Wow, this is EXACTLY the same problem as I am having (

    1) I am also hosted at with a Windows IIS7

    2) Contact form doesn’t work with exactly the same error

    Still haven’t heard from Godaddy. Will try to give them a call later I guess.



    Try the WP SMTP Mail plugin – worked for a client of mine :)

    If you still need assistance with this, please refer to this topic:


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