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    With the latest release of the Quform Plugin, forms will not embed (display) or open in fancybox popup as they will on standard pages. Can you advise how to resolve this conflict with the portfolio pages? When embedded they simply do not display, empty white space on page, and the links for the fancybox popups never launch the shadowbox window that should display the form. However, when implemented on a standard page, both the embed and the fancybox functions work correctly.

    Many thanks in advance.


    Note: if anyone does freelance wordpress support and can fix this conflict I’m willing to pay to get this resolved ASAP. I have to get an update to the client that includes these forms w/in the portfolio pages as soon as possible.



    Can you post a link please? Maybe I can debug the error with the Firebug console. I’m not familiar with the plugin “Quform” and to be honest I can’t support it (it’s a third party premium plugin).




    http://gonc.sunrox.com/test-form/ here is a test form on a standard page (as you can see it works no problem). Click text in red: “Click here for Quform Test” to launch the form set inside the shadowbox.

    That said, when this form is applied to a Portfolio page, i.e. http://gonc.sunrox.com/vacation/time-out-getaway/

    The form will no longer launch the form.

    Note: on the portfolio page above, click the “Customize My Trip” big read button, or the “Form Test” red text at the bottom of the primary content.


    I’ve been in touch with the developer of the Quform plugin and they’ve stated it’s an issue with the wordpress theme/custom post portfolio pages. Could you advise?


    The problem is that the inline js code in the html document contains paragraph tags (<p> tags) which break it. (Eg search for the js code after following line in the html document):


    The theme doesn’t affect this code – I’m pretty sure it’s just the code output of the plugin & wp_head hook (this hook helps developer to add their custom code to the head section). We don’t add any filters, etc. to it.


    Peter, thank you very much… I’ve contacted the plugin developer about this. Thanks for the assist!


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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