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    I have bought the 4 in 1 Newscast theme… I believe I’ve installed it correctly. However when I go to enter a logo url I get a box popup that says ‘Cheating Huh’ or something similar? I deleted it and reinstalled but same problem. I have a theme installed already from … big mistake … could that be causing the problem?

    Stuck at the minute. I have previously bought 3 in 1 Display theme and have been very pleased … but puzzled at the minute?

    Any help appreciated




    Hi Pete,

    This is actually an issue with wordpress not recognizing your user with the proper permission. I’ve read a number of different ways to attempt to fix it but none that are 100% always going to work for everyone.

    First try re-installing wordpress 3.4 or updating it if you have not. You can also try creating a new user with admin level capabilities and logging on and trying it out with the new user.





    I’ve got the same problem here. with Newscast on WordPress 3.5.1

    Reinstalling Theme and WordPress did not work.

    Disabeling plugins did not work


    Hi mvaneunen,

    Some of the other things you might want to try are changing the permissions on your wp-content folder to 776, completely deleting the content in your plugins folder via ftp and creating a different admin level account and trying things with that account.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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