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    For some reason I suddenly got a 404 error page not found when trying to navigate to my homepage. Here’s the thing- I wasn’t even working on the homepage when this happened. I was working on a post on the news page – one of the posts that is pulled into the homepage in the 4 columns. I look at the url and it is trying to pull up the homepage with this url:

    Kind of weird. I hope I’m just missing something really simple here. All help is GREATLY appreciated.



    When I enter http:/ in my address bar it redirects to http:/ – this shouldn’t be a theme issue, have you checked your .htaccess file? You could contact your host about this issue, since the theme shouldn’t redirect your complete site to .. twice your site.

    Other reasons I can come up with is plugins running some script doing this, have you tried deactivating your plugins one by one? Or maybe it’s the general wordpress settings for your homepage in the options menu?


    thank you so much. That’s weird, but you are right- it was one of my plug-ins. It’s fixed now!


    Glad that it works now :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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