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    I’ve purchased both Enfold and Propulsion for other sites. I’m doing a redesign of an old Cubit (blue) site and I’m trying to choose which newer theme will help me stay closest to the original design. For that reason, I’ve started experimenting with Propulsion because it seems the quickest way to duplicate the orig Cubit design. (Of course, I will purchase a second license for whichever theme I use). But as I’m working with Propulsion, it seems to have fewer options for customizing and fewer shortcodes than Enfold. Is that right?
    Aren’t both themes built on the same Avia framework? Is Enfold more feature rich and more customizable? Or they are basically the same, but with different beginning layouts?

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    No replies, but it looks to me that Propulsion is not based on the Avia framework. Is that right?
    Enfold definitely has an easier page builder with more options from what I can tell. However, I don’t see the option to use the Adaptavia Slider in Enfold, where it is an option in Propulsion. Is there a way to use the Adaptavia Slider in Enfold?



    Both are based on the same framework (Avia), but yeah there’s not adaptavia slider in Enfold, however Enfold is the only theme that comes with the advanced layout builder which in my opinion makes it the best option overall, i’m pretty sure you can re-create adaptavia slider effects using LayerSlider (see slide transitions).



    Thank you for the clarification, Josue. I’ve decided to go with Enfold, because of the advanced layout builder, and the abundance of customizing tools in the Theme Options Panels. Thanks for the tip about the layer slider. I’ve purchased a second license for Enfold.



    Great, please let us know if you should need any more help on the topic.


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