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    Richard Teller

    We have just purchased the Enfold theme and are excited about deploying it for one of our clients.

    To get started, I am trying to specify a hover color for the items in the top menu and then preserve that color for the link to the “active page” and for the links to the parent(s) of the “active page”.

    I was able to get the hover color working with a simple line of css:

    #avia-menu a:hover { color: #FFA133 !important; }

    But I am unable to preserve that color for a link and its parent(s) when a page is selected.

    It appears that the top menu does use the “standard” WordPress identifiers — current-menu-item, current-page-item, current-menu-parent, current-page-ancestor, current-menu-ancestor.

    So my question is — what is the css I should use to target an “active” page and its parent(s) in the Enfold top menu structure…??

    On a related note, the top menu does not use any “identifier” to indicate when a child page has grandchildren — try Pages > Blank Pages in the Enfold demo. As you know, it is quite common to use an arrow or some other identifier to indicate that a child page has grandchildren.

    Can you point me to any documentation that explains how to add such an identifier…??

    – Dick Teller


    Hi Richard Teller!

    We will be happy to assist, but please do register as client to our site, so we can be able to explain any of your questions.
    Thanks a lot for your time and patience


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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