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    I have a couple of questions in regards to my new website, and would very much appreciate if someone can help assist me.

    My website add is

    1. Under Abundance Template Builder- On the front page, I tried to build three columns that leads into the website. But it fail to show the image, text, and products. Please take a look and help me correct it.

    2. Under Shop- I tried to input the price but it keeps showing up “Free”. I have it set at Variable products and input the prices under attributes. After many different attempts with setting the prices, i am still unable to get it to show the proper price.

    3. I am having trouble viewing the shopping carts after items have been added in, along with check outs, edit address, view orders, and etc.

    4. Under page “Shop” How do I categorize my products into different category, and users can click into (for example) compression top and be able to view the many different designs that my company offers?

    5. Can you please help explain to me how i can develop a section under page “Reviews” where i can categorize different reviews that other companies have done on my products?

    Thank you and look forward to hearing from your support team.


    Can I guess some help/support please?


    I manage to figure out solution for problem #1. But still stuck on other parts. Can someone please help??


    For 2 are you setting the price with a $ sign, don’t do it, just enter the numbers only…maybe???


    For 3, have you set the pages up properly,

    Goto woocommerce-settings-pages and then you need to set up the shop pages

    ie cart page – cart

    checkout page – checkout

    etc etc

    for 4, you need to use categories.. you can set them up while creating a product, or seperately by going to products-categories

    then make sure each product is ticked for the relevant categories

    Not sure about 5..

    I hope this helps


    Whatsonsale- Thank you so much for your help.


    Sorry for the late response Vsit. Thank you for helping out Whatsonsale!

    Vsit: For your Reviews page, you can set that up multiple ways either using Template Builder or shortcodes. Really depends on how complex you want to make the page.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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