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    Hey all,

    Not sure what’s going on but a client of mine is using the Replete theme with mostly great results.

    However once I switched the theme over all embedded youtube videos disappeared and I couldn’t figure out why.

    I tried everything I could find on the internet and when I gave up I decided to just hit “inspect element” and the videos popped out of nowhere in Chrome. I tried the same in Firefox and got the same result.

    After taking a look in IE the videos seem to show up fine all over the site. Which leads me to believe this is browser specific and I couldn’t find any other answers on the forum about this.. which I also found odd.

    Here is a link with a listing with some videos in question: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /

    Please let me know.



    Hi TheImpactSD!

    That’s weird. Please try this on your custom.css or Quick CSS:

    .woocommerce-tabs iframe {
    width: 658px !important;
    display: block !important;



    Thanks for the replay Ismael, BUT it did not work.

    I tried both the custom.css and Quick CSS and there was no change.



    I just checked your website on Chrome and Firefox and it does work fine on my end on Win7. See screenshot here
    Can you check once again and confirm that it is working on your end as well?



    Hi Yigit,

    It is still not working on our end, I have tried on 4 different machines. 2 windows 7 machines with firefox, chrome, and IE, and 2 OS X boxes, testing Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

    I would also prefer that the videos don’t open in a lightbox.



    I’m not sure why it is not showing. Can you please try this?

    iframe {
    display: initial !important;

    Remove browser cache then reload the page. Let’s wait for Dude and Kriesi’s response.




    How did you embed the videos? Did you use the standard oembed feature: ?



    I have tried both the standard oEmbed feature embedding with iframe.

    Originally in the past (before switching to replete) I only used the html iframe embed.



    Please try to delete following code located on wp-content/themes/replete/js/avia.js


    I think the iframe size calculation doesn’t work properly on your website and returns 0px for the width/height value.



    Sadly that did not work either, I made sure to purge my CDN and empty all caches after trying all of these suggestions.



    I marked the thread for Kriesi – maybe he knows why the videos are not working on your website. Please deactivate all plugins and check if the video start to work afterwards – if yes it’s probably a plugin conflict.



    Hey guys,

    I just checked yesterday and waited until today to post, all videos seem to be magically working now?

    No idea what goes on here but as long as it’s working I guess?

    I made no changes.



    Glad its working for you now. Maybe there was an IP level block on the video provider or something like that happening. Its uncommon but I have had it happen one time to me and have seen it a handful of times over the years with others.


Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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