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    Hi chaps,

    Lovely theme, having a bit of a problem at the moment though. I embedded a Vimeo video on the home page but for some reason when the page finishes loading Firefox crashes. If I take the video off the page it doesn’t crash. I’ve done a bit of troubleshooting, so far I’ve determined the following:

    Tested it on 4 Windows 7 64 machines, problem occurs on 3/4

    Tested on 2 Macs, no problems (not sure of OS version or what plugins if any were installed)

    On the windows machines, tried disabling all plugins, extensions etc with no effect, the page still crashed Firefox. Other pages work fine with a Vimeo video embedded. Just the home page that is causing problems. I have the latest version of Firefox (17.0.1) , all the PCs are up to date and with different hardware and software configurations. I can’t seem to find a common factor between the PC that does work and the other machines that don’t.

    I’m wondering if there’s something in the theme or WP that’s causing this issue.

    Any other information you need, let me know!


    Hi Northforge,

    Can you link us to the home page having the issue?

    Any other details on how you are adding the video in? Are you using http vs https?

    I know there was a change regarding vimeo support in wordpress 3.5 because there has been some issues so it could be somewhat related to that (though the theme hasn’t officially been updated for 3.5 support yet).

    Either way, if we can take a look we can move forward and see if we can figure it out.




    Hi there, sure you can view it here:

    We’re adding the video by using http. The video is set to private, but embedding is enabled, and its the exact settings we have for another video which is working fine.



    I tested your site on Firefox 12.0, played the vimeo video and it didn’t crash at all. I think it has something to do with the latest version of Firefox, still not sure though. Let me tag Devin again on this thread, maybe he got some idea.

    I’ll check it again on Firefox 17.0.1.





    Checked your website again on Firefox 17.0.1, no crash. :)




    Just checked with an older version of firefox and then updated and still didn’t have any issues.

    The only thing I can think of is maybe there is something else having an issue loading in the HD video when you first load in the page in combination with loading in all the other data.

    I know Firefox has had issues in the past with memory leaks and such but this doesn’t sound like that.

    Can you try using a preview image for the main video and see if that helps? When viewing that pages featured image area you should see a little movie while icon where an image would normally be. Just click it and you can set a preview image for the video. Update the page and give it another try.




    Thanks for the responses,

    I’ve added a preview image, and it’s stopped Firefox from crashing (only tested 1 so far, I’ll test the others tomorrow). If this works then obviously we’ll keep it! Just wondering the best way to get the same height as the video, is it possible to edit the height of the slider on just the homepage?




    Hey Northforge,

    I don’t know of a way just for the frontpage but you can change the size of the images that get generated for slideshows in general by modifying the functions.php. The image that is set at 940×340 is the one for the large slideshows and changing the height there will change the size of image that gets generated.

    You’ll need to re-generate your images after changing anything there but that and modifying the sizes can be done with:




    Great stuff. All sorted now, many thanks.


    Glad we could help :)

    Marked as resolved.



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