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    I’m trying to embed a “review widget” from wedding wire into my home page. I tried simply pasting the code provided by wedding wire and that didn’t work. How can I get it to work? Below’s a link to the code Im trying to embed into my broadscope theme. Thanks in advance!



    Ok. This is what needs to get done.

    1) Go to your backend and click Plugins, then Add New.

    2) In the search box in middle of the Add New page, type ‘Enhanced Text Widget’ without the quotes. and hit search plugins button

    3) The first search result will be the Enhanced Text Widget, .. click the link Install Now., click ok on the popup, (then wait for it to tell you it’s installed) And then click Activate Widget

    4) Now go to Plugins > Installed Plugins, and make sure you see the Enhanced Text Widget there listed, and its activated. (it’s title would be in a bold font style)

    5) Now in the admin side menu, click Appearance > widgets

    6) Open up a widget area/sidebar on the right side where you wanna drop the new widget, and find the new widget on the left-middle side


    7) drag the Enhanced Text Widget to the widget area/sidebar and drop it in there.

    8) for now don’t add a title, don’t add a link, and you can type in the next box asking for a class ‘MyWeddingWidget’ without the quotes

    9) Now take that big block of code from the wedding website and paste it into the text area.

    10) check the box that says ‘Do not output before/after_widget/title’ and do not check the first checkbox

    11) hit save. Your widget should be displayed.

    This is what I have ->




    thanks Nick that worked perfectly! Although I ended up unchecking the ‘Do not output before/after_widget/title’ box because I liked the box to only surround the wedding widget, not the other widgets as well. Ended up looking like this

    Thanks a lot for the detailed and timely help! This forum is invaluable for the DIYers like myself, so thanks again.


    Glad Nick could help you out :)



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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