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    Hi There – I know that you’ve already addressed this issue in a previous thread….. I’ve read through that one and tried to do everything as specified, but for some reason, the image will just not show – see

    Any help you can provide would certainly be appreciated.


    Hi jp-synergen,

    Make sure you’ve added the css for the new email icon. It should be:

    .social_bookmarks .email{background: transparent url(../images/layout/icon-mail.png) 0 center  no-repeat;}
    .social_bookmarks .email:hover {background-position: -42px center; background-color:#ffa133;}

    Add that to your custom.css file or Quick CSS in the Style tab of the theme options.




    Hi !

    I am also interested but I did not understand.

    you have a link to this tutorial.

    thank you !


    youyou78 – (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -theme

    Thanks Devin – Your solution worked perfectly… Is it possible to change the orange hover state to the same green color used in your LIME style? Let me know.

    Thanks again.



    I think this will do the work. Change this line

    .social_bookmarks .email:hover {background-position: -42px center; background-color:#ffa133;}


    .social_bookmarks .email:hover {background-position: -42px center; }




    Cool ! jp-synergen

    Thank you all !



    Glad that Devin & Ismael could help you :)



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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