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    The email icon on my site in English works fine (although I would prefer the clicker to be directed to their own email to write a letter – now it goes to the contact form).

    However in Indonesian it does not work.

    Why is this?

    And if it is possible for the icon to click to an email as opposed to the contact form that would be great.


    sorry I said this had not been answered for a week. it has been 4 days.


    Did you set up the contact form page and the social icons for the Indonesian website too? Make sure that you’re NOT in the English mode (admin backend) and then go to Propulsion > Theme Options to configure the contact form page + social icons for the Indonesian website.


    Ok. It works now. I really am not sure why it did not work before. Doesnt matter though.

    Is it possible to make the icons link to an email as opposed to the contact form? if you went to my website and look at the email address in the footer, when you click on that you go to an email. I would like to do this with the social icons.


    Add following code to the bottom of functions.php and adjust the mailto (mail) address:

    add_filter('avia_filter_social_icons', 'ino_social_icons');
    function ino_social_icons($icons) {
    $i = 0;
    foreach ($icons as $icon)
    if($icon['social_icon'] == 'mail')
    $icons[$i] = array(
    'social_icon' => 'mail',
    'social_icon_link' => 'mailto: (Email address hidden if logged out) '
    return $icons;


    OK Dude. I edited the choices-functions.php folder from my cpanel as advised.

    That did not work.

    Did I try the wrong file?

    Best wishes




    I rewrote the function a bit. Please try it again.

    Best regards,



    Sorry Dude that did not work either.


    now it is working. I have no idea why. Thanks



    Maybe a browser cache issue. Glad that it works now :)



Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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