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    I always work in HTML mode, when editing posts or pages.

    Is there a possibility, to have this shortcode-icon from the “visuell mode” of the editor, in the HTML mode, too?




    I personally don’t know how to do this from the top of my head , I could check on it but I’m a little uncertain why you’d want to have this option, it litteraly takes 2 seconds to switch between modes and perform any wanted changes..


    Thanks, Chris, surely it’s no problem to switch between visual and html, but the problem is, that this causes always … how should I call this? … a mess in the code, for example line breaks or line spaces and such things.

    But this fact seems not to be an issue of your theme, I have this on nearly all my themes, as soon as I switch between visual and HTML.

    It is not possible, to add the code for this icon to another file, so that it appears in HTML mode, too?



    it’s only possible to use the shortcode generator in combination with the visual editor. The reason is that the visual editor uses tinymce and the shortcode generator is a plugin/extension for this editor. It will not work with the bbcode/html editor and it’s not easily possible to transfer it.


    ok, I understand, thanks a lot.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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