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    I’m using the existing templates (different sidebars and full size), but to assign specific category posts to a specific page I’ve had to create dynamic templates. For some reason the Headline + breadcrumb is looking really weird with dynamic templates:

    (when I would want it to be like normally as here:

    also relatedly, is there a way to edit CSS so that the breadcrumb and headline would be on different lines and not push each other to several lines if too long to fit in one line?

    Thanks for your help already!




    Have you edited the website templates at all because everything is upside down almost in the page you showed. I would first deactivate all the plugins (in fact you are using a media element player plugin when that is already a part of the theme and thus duplicate javascript of different versions is loaded), then empty your browser cache and see if that made a difference. If not you should reinstall the theme (after downloading a fresh version) and re-install WordPress again by deleting it via ftp and uploading it.

    Please let us know how that worked out.





    I have to use media element player because our sermon audio needed that. I don’t know what’s going on with the part on your theme, but it doesn’t do anything. I’d be happy to deactivate or delete the plugin if our sermons had a player working on all devices anyway.

    I have cracked the issue a little further:

    Here is a screenshot of the page with inspect element with nothing done: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -at-20.22.57.png

    Without float:left at .unit .units, the post text is on the right place, but goes underneath the date: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -at-20.22.17.png

    Then changing it to float: right, not only does the date float right but the page name of ‘heading + breadcrumbs’ goes too far out on the left: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -at-20.22.32.png

    The actual site I’m building is much cleaner (but not publicly viewable at the moment) yet it has the same issue when it comes to the “heading + breadcrumbs”. I recall the problem was there from the start, do you really think simply deactivating/reuploading should help?



    Please open up template-dynamic.php at the base of the theme and find lines 72-73 which look like

    <!--end content-->

    *cut* those 2 lines above (copy/delete) and move them *in front of line 94* that looks like

    </div><!--end container-->

    so that at the end you have at line 92-94

    <!--end content-->
    </div><!--end container-->

    That should do the trick. I am assuming you have a left sidebar.




    Thank you Nick! That sounded really promising, but didn’t change anything.

    I added incarnation to a new testisite and disabled most plugins for demonstration’s sake, so you can see it better what’s going on: Though interestingly on that site the same type of problem is showing up differently there than on my main site. On the mainsite the problem looks like this: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -at-18.50.02.png

    I’d be happy to give a password and access to the mainsite for someone to check that one out with more than a screeshot, but I can’t do it this publicly..


    Hi Tsuua,

    Can you try re-downloading the theme files from Themeforest and installing the newest theme files. There was an update from the initial release to 1.1. That way we are working on the same theme and not trying to address a fixed bug.

    The style.css and theme version incorrectly show the theme at 1.5, which it has not gotten to yet.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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