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    I’ve been thrilled with your theme so far. Thank you for some great code!

    I am setting up a members area which requires a password. However, each of the plugins that I’ve tried only protect the content of the page (<?php the_content(); ?>). This is a problem since I’m using a custom template, and too much sensitive content is being displayed. I stumbled across a simple answer, to wrap parts of the template in this code:


    if ( !post_password_required() ) {

    echo ‘protected stuff’;



    I, unfortunately, lack the knowledge as to where I apply this. I haven’t been able to find the template php file under the theme folder. I was hoping you would shed some light as to where to go next. Thanks so much!


    Hi charlesgood,

    What template are you trying to apply that on?




    I’m trying to apply that on my custom template called Attendee. (created with the Template Builder)


    Unfortunately the template builder doesn’t have a mechanism for adding in php like that. The templates are built as data in the database so there isn’t a specific file you could go in to modify for any specific template.

    You would need to create an actual template file or try using a plugin that can wrap protected content with a shortcode or something like that.


    Do you have any guidance on creating a template file? is there any way to access the template code in the database files and copy it to a template file?

    I’ll check out some plugins as well. I appreciate the help!



    You can find the dynamic templates saved on the the database > wp-options > avia_options_incarantion_dynamic_elements.




    Thank you!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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