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    First off, I have to appologize for my ignorance.. :)

    I’m new to wordpress and ecommerce, and I’m sure will have several questions as time goes on. I hope it’s alright to start this thread, and keep it open for all future questions I might have.

    So far, after days of reading and playing things are coming along slowing but surely.. Although after trying everything I’ve read, and spending way to many hours, I’m still unable to figure out:

    ***** How can I resize the Height of the Search Bar, as well as the hover size of the magnifying glass? (hope that makes since)

    ***** And – Place Both the Search Box and Social Buttons to a fixed point below the top right portion of the header.

    A pics worth a thousand words. so here is a link so that you can see what I’m talking about..

    Being specific, I’ve commented out this line in the style.css to allow the header height to be dynamic to whatever Logo I decide to use.

    /*height:200px; remove this is you want no specific height for the header. it will adjust to the logo size then*/

    I’ve also placed this code in the quick css of the abundance theme options style.

    #top .social_bookmarks {top:20px;}

    #searchform #s{height:5px; width:150px;}

    This code seems to work ok for the social buttons, although it adds the bottons to below the footer as well. (Not Wanted!).

    It also seems to adjust the search bar height (a little anyway, but not near enough). To be honest, whether the height is 5 or 15.. it’s all the same and doesn’t seem to make a difference….And I’ve yet to figure out anything that would move the possition of the search box itself at all..

    This has to be way to easy for the amount of hours I have in trying to figure it out..





    OK.. One more question..

    Is it possible to nest columns?.. Not this!, but maybe Something like it?

    /*(Start of First “Main Column Area”*/

    [two_third first]Content for 2/3 Column here[/two_third]

    /*(Start of Second “Nested Column Area”*/

    [one_third first]Content for 1/3 Column here[/one_third]

    [one_third]Content for 1/3 Column here[/one_third]

    [one_third]Content for 1/3 Column here[/one_third]

    /*(End of Second “Nested Column Area”*/

    [one_third]Content for 1 1/3 Column here[/one_third]

    /*(Endt of First “Main Column Area”*/

    What I’m trying to accomplish is this… Well apparently I’ll never get use to this BBCode.. so here’s a pic..

    Thanks.. Love’n this theme BTW!


    Hi Edge,

    Separate questions should be made into mutliple topics unless you have a big group that you’d like to ask together. We generally don’t like to keep single topics open after the main question has been resolved since it can cause issues with our Queue system.

    For the searchbar, Try adding the following CSS to your Quick CSS (located under the Styling Tab in the theme options) or the custom.css file in the css folder of your theme files:

    #header #searchform {
    top: 10px;
    #header .social_bookmarks {
    top: 18px;
    #header #s {
    padding-top: 10px;
    padding-bottom: 10px;
    #header #searchsubmit {
    height: 36px;

    Using #header to make this only effect the search form and social icons in the header the css should give you the basics to edit the layout. If you have a link to your site and a specific issue we can be more specific.

    As far as I know no, the shortcode doesn’t support nested columns.




    Thank You Very Much!

    That definately pointed me in the direction I needed, and after just a little tweek’n, think I have it just the way I want..

    Didn’t know the policy for posts, so I’ll marked this as resolved and create a new post for any other questions..

    Thanks Again!


    Glad we could help :)



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