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    I want to add an “add to Cart ” button to my images or add a link to my Shop page so consumers can choose a size and then purchase product but I have no experience at encoding and I dont understand the tutorials. Please help I would like to keep this template but if I cant fix it I’ll need to move on to get my business running.


    I wanted to do the same, but once the image is in the lightbox “pop-up” it cant be done, ive already asked a similar question.

    I have several portfolios and wanted to link the images to the shop so I didn’t have to re-add all the portfolio images into the shop one by one, but it seems its not possible.

    The only suggestion I had was to add a link to the shop from the main portfolio page, bummer really.. but I suppose the portfolio is just that… some where to display your work and not a shop :-)


    I’ve tried to add images in my shop page from the woo-commerce add products but for some reason they only display less than a quater of the information Example( ) how do I fix this? Am I not using the correct format? I have tried putting the image in the description area then in the product short description then in the gallery and even tried the set featured image all four come out with similar results. Please help I’m about 12 hrs into just this portion of my site and losing patients quick.


    I can’t get the add to cart button from woocommerce shortcodes work at all. I add the product id but get no button, just white outlined black box. Any help?


    for the quater of a page problem I had to hack the CSS

    Its been doing this since the update of the flashlight theme v1.9 the edits are here >> (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) #post-92468

    As for the shortcode, some of the shortcodes worked and some didnt, I cant recall which ones did not


    You can try the solution Nick provided here:

    I’m not sure if it works though because I know that the user bought an additional extension called “Product to Media Linker” which allows the admin to “link” an image to a product. Unfortunately they don’t sell this extension anymore and I’m not sure if they included the code into the core (in this case you can Nick’s solution will work) or if the extension author didn’t update the plugin for WP3.5 and they decided to remove it from their website…

    Re add to cart button problem: please post a link to a page where you try to use this shortcode.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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