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    I’m working on a website for a client, who has a fashion biz, mostly accessories (bags/wallets, etc.). She wants a full screen, left navigation ecommerce site. She wants something that is the closest possible to

    And the ecommerce to work and look very similar to this (not exactly the same but very similar):

    I already worked with Flashlight for a previous client (with no ecommerce needs).

    Flashlight looks the closest and with customization and design I know I can make it look very close to the prada site. But I never used woocommerce. By you seeing the Prada ecommerce and especially from your experience, would Flashlight allow me to get this close to Prada’s (ecommerce wise also?). She doesn’t have as many products as prada. If not Flashlight, what do you recommend that would get me the closest to what she wants? Flashlight seems the only one out there that I could find (fullscreen woocommerce ready).

    Second, do I need to buy Flashlight again for this new project? I have no problem doing it, but maybe I can use the same I already have?

    Thanks in advance.


    Hi navidsaedi,

    Flashlight will be the most similar out of all the kriesi themes that support woocommerce. It will still take a good bit of customization however so keep that in mind.

    Yes, you’ll need a new purchase to get a separate license which can be used on a new site. You can check with Envato for clarification on what each license type allows however I’m completely sure a single license is needed for each new domain.





    Thanks for your quick reply.

    I will buy a new one no problem.

    As for the ecommerce do you feel quite comfortable given your experience that I can create something similar to the Prada’ site?

    And is Woocommerce fully integrated or given that Flashlight is a mainly a photography them, there are built in restrictions to how woocommerce works with Flashlight?

    Will you be supporting me during the build also. As I said and like you say there will be quite a bit of customization. Can I count on you guys to guide me when needed?

    Thanks again.



    The “Prada” website have some features that Flashlight don’t have and vice versa, although the layout is a bit similar.

    We can guide you on a basic level with customization like CSS changes and basic script modifications. We usually suggest users to hire freelance developer to tackle major modifications on the theme.







    Enjoy the theme!



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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