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    I have a slideshow on my home page displaying images added from the “featured images” menu

    I would like that each of this image links to a specific page (ie. image1 of the slideshow shows product1 and leads to the product1 page, image2 of the slideshow shows product2 and leads to the product2 page, …)

    I tried to set $query_string = array(‘post_type’=>’page’, ‘post__in’ => array(‘408’)); (408 being my product page id) as suggested in another thread but with no effect.

    Thanks in advance for your help!



    according to the docs you can change the link of every slide individually:

    Link behaviour:

    Here you can overwrite the default setting of your slideshow options page. What should happen if a user clicks a featured image when located on an overview page? Should it open in a lightbox or should it open the single entry?

    Advanced feature: Changing individual image links

    as an advanced feature you can overwrite the link for each individual featured image with the help of custom fields:

    just create a new custom field with the name “featured_link_” followed by the number of the image. The value should contain the link.

    An example to create a custom link for the 4th image would be:

    If you add image or video content for these overwrites it will be opened with the lightbox. That way you can also link to videos that are not included in the wordpress embed service ;)


    Sorry I did not see that!

    Working nicely.

    Thanks for the quick support.


    Glad that I could help you :)


    Is there any way that I can link to a lightbox gallery and not just an image or page? I don’t want a lightbox gallery of the images in the homepage slider.

    I’m also still hoping that someone can help me figure out how to remove the “auto-rotate” functionality on the sliders that appear on the portfolio pages, while leaving it in tact on the main page. Or perhaps the opposite would be easier? (Setting the default to NOT auto-rotate, and then somehow overriding that for the homepage alone.)

    Maybe I should use a different slider plugin for the homepage?

    Please help if you can! Thank you!



    you can link to any page/post/external site you like. If your lightbox gallery has an url you can link to it.

    It’s possible to change the autorotation behaviour for certain pages/templates but this modification isn’t easy. You need to hack into the slideshow javascript output code, check for the template or page id, etc… it’s something which is beyond the scope of this support forum, I’m sorry


    No problem, I totally get it!

    I had no idea that a lightbox coud have a url, would you mind pointing me in the right general direction of achieving this?

    The lightbox galleries i want to link to are all galleries associated with a specific portfolio post. Is there a way to get/create a url for those lightboxes? As this issue is not necessarily Habitat-theme related, I’ve goggled the issue, but haven’t found a lead.




    the lightbox itself doesn’t have an url but your gallery page has one. I.e. you can use Nextgen gallery: to insert image galleries into your posts/pages/portfolios, etc. Just link to this page and the user can view the images with the lightbox there. The lightbox script needs of course some sort of html source code which incudes image links :)


    thanks for your help here, i know how lightboxes work but you got my hopes up when you mentioned that you could theoretically link to one directly ;) thanks anyway!



    Glad to see this is resolved, if you have any other questions let us know.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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