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    as said, my email address is clearly readable by spam bots – contact form (includes/contact-form.php line 24).

    Shouldn’t that be encoded somehow, at list with WP build-in function ‘antispambot’

    This way I can expect more and more spam messages.




    yes – I think this is not the best solution. I’ll report it to Kriesi (important issue). You can try to obfuscate the the chars with:


    Any progress … at least encrypted with ‘antispambot’ ?





    Kriesi didn’t report back yet. However did you try to encrypt your email with: – then take the code from the second text area (email address without link) and paste it in the email option field (Corona > Theme Options > Contact & Social Stuff)?


    any progress on this?


    Hi Tashah,

    As far as I know the same implementation of the contact form is still used. You can use something like Contact Form 7 if you don’t want to use the built in contact form which is just as easy to set up and use.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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