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    Just changed to Newscast. Suddenly the E-junkie “Add to Cart” and “View Cart” buttons which had been aligned centrally on my old theme have all gone to the left. It’s not a major problem but normal text centres OK.



    Could someone explain to me what “not a support question” means please?

    I have bought your theme and would like assistance with it. Is that not the definition of “support”?

    I understand my requests may not be as urgent as some others – fair enough – but other similar queries seem to get a response. Some clarification would be helpful.



    Sorry for the delay. I missed your post :-(

    Can you give me a link to a site where the problem occurs.

    The Dude


    No problem.

    Here’s a page where the problem occurs:

    I’ve overcome the problem by aligning the copy and button left and tabbing in. However, if I try to center it, the price will but the button won’t.

    If you have the time could you also look at my other question, a further query relating to this post: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -the-slider




    I’ve following suggestions:

    1) use margin-left: – the blog entries have a width of 580px, so a margin-left which has half the size minus half the picture width (87px) should align the picture in the middle

    So try:

    <img src="" style="border:none;margin-left:247px;" alt="Add to Cart" /></a>

    Did you try to add align:center? If not you can try following code:

    <img src="" style="border:none;align:center;" alt="Add to Cart" /></a>

    If that doesn’t work we need to modify the a href link but I’ll wait for your feedback.

    The Dude


    That second bit of code works great, thanks.


    Glad that it worked :)

    The Dude



    Just to clarify the “Not a Support Issue” option, if you have a problem directly with the theme select “Not Resolved”. If you have an issue with an add-on / plugin or anything else select “Not a Support Issue”.

    The priority from my perspective is to deal with theme support requests before anything else. We aren’t here to modify your theme / add or change functionality but can guide you in the right direction.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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