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    from the documentation – “Post: add the latest post from a category. if you choose the same category a second, third, fourth or fifth time in another column the offset will be generated automatically so that you dont display the same post twice”

    It seems though that my latest posts never show up after I’ve published them. I have to create another one and publish it before the first one will show up. So, in other words, in order to get a post to show I have to create a new’s a vicious cycle. Have any idea what I’m missing here? Thanks.


    and please let me know if this question belongs elsewhere if you don’t mind. I asked this here over a month ago and never received a reply. :)



    I tried to reproduce this bug/problem but I couldn’t. On my offline and online test server the Brightbox blog element shows new posts instantly when threy’re published in one or ore categories. It works when I choose just one category, more than one category and it works when I display all categories. I used the template on a standard page.


    Thanks Dude for checking into this. Just to clarify what’s going on (as I’m not sure this is the blog element that you refer to). I have set up my homepage with the template builder. In the template builder I am using columns to display posts from categories. Each column (of 3) is set to display the latest post from “categoryx” in chronological order. It works except the new post never shows upon publishing. I have to publish another post to “push” the first one into showing up. Is this what you are saying you can’t replicate or is it the blog page that you are referring to? (because the blog page works as it should for me). Many thanks and sorry if I am just not understanding you correctly.


    Ok – with this setup I could reproduce the bug. I’ll report it to Kriesi :)


    Thanks Dude! I look forward to hearing back. Much appreciated.


    hey Dude, any word yet or know how long it might be? I don’t mean to badger, but he was out of touch for a long time last time this happened and am just wondering.


    Kriesi didn’t report back yet – maybe he’s on a trip for a few days :)


    Ok, thanks for getting back to me on this. I’ll hang tight.



    I have found the error and was able to fix it, the next iteration of the theme will be “shipped” next week :)

    Thanks for your help on the topic




    Thanks Kriesi!


    Nice, I have been dealing with the same issue. Looking forward to the fix.


    Hey, I keep downloading from themeforest to see if it’s the new version…. but not yet. Can you let me know here when it’s been done? Or is there some easier way for me to check version number? Thank you.


    We’ll announce the update :)



    ich habe das gleiche Problem: ich habe eine Seite, die Columns anzeigt mit Artikeln aus einer Kategorie. Neue Artikel in dieser Kategorie werden aber nicht angezeigt.

    Wann kommt das Update?

    Liebe Grüße



    Ich schätze demnächst (ein paar Tage) jedoch habe ich bis jetzt keine Anwort von Kriesi zu diesem Thema erhalten.



    Sorry for the delay, had to fix several other issues as well that were introduced with wordpress 3.2. the update is now available on themforest ;)

    Best regards,



    Thank you….


    Hallo …

    gerade es von themeforest gezogen, installiert, getestet und

    es scheint wieder alles zu funktionieren mit wordpress 3.2.,

    (columns, add favourite media, slideshow …)

    Super … : )

    PS: wäre sinnvoll, wenn man mal eine globale Ankündigung machen könnte,

    wenn es ein neues theme update gibt … oder sogar im Admin Backend Bereich ; )

    Durch Zufall den Beitrag entdeckt …

    Gruß QT


    Kriesi verwendet meist twitter:!/Kriesi im Updates anzukündigen :)


    Great, thanks for the update Kriesi.

    However, the new framework folder broke my menu so that goes vertical (all messed up) so I had to revert back to the previous framework folder. Is anyone else having this issue or know the fix? Thanks.


    @akaalvin I just made my edits to the CSS and function.php for thumbnail sizes and had a problem free upgrade. My menus work the same as before. I upload the whole folder instead of piecing it together, which never seems to work. Glad I wrote a change log when my made my original edits. Made this go round much, much easier….

    Good Luck,


    I updated all my test systems and production systems without problems too. Maybe try to replace all files (complete framework folder).


    Hey UpScale has the same issue, is there a fix?


    Please try to upload the complete theme folder. Please backup your custom.css file before.


    Is this issue of not showing last post on frontpage made with template builder solved? Can you tell me what files exactly have been changed?


    If this issue of not showing last post on template builder has been solved please could you tell me what php file has been changed couse I already have some language translation done in some files which I dont want to replace


    Yes the issue is resolved. You can download the update at Replace the old theme files with the new ones (make a backup first though). If you’ve made customizations you can use version.rtf (the changelog) to replace the updated files only. We don’t know the exact code changes but version.rtf tells you which files were modified.


    great, thank you! :)


    Glad that everything works now :)

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