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    I created a template for my homepage that included a three column area with widgets. When I go to add widgets into the areas, it shows duplicate widget areas (ie: Dynamic Template: Widget Home is listed twice) and won’t show the widgets on the homepage after I add them to the areas.

    Can you please help? Everything except for the widgets seems to work in the columns.




    did you enter names for the widget areas? You need to enter a name/text in the textbox next to the column content (with following caption “Enter a widget area name (no special characters) – Once you have saved this template head over to Appearance » Widgets and add some widgets to the Widget area.”).


    Yes, I did that. And it creates two widget areas for each one and neither shows on the home page.


    me too.


    I get the same thing

    Dynamic template name : Frontpage

    element: column 1/2


    column 1: Post

    – post uses tabs

    column 2: widget name “fwidget”

    I added latest post in fwidget, but it does not show.


    I reported it to Kriesi. He’ll look into it soon.



    Hey! Tested and was able to reproduce it. I am currently working on a fix :)

    Best regards,




    fix was uploaded, should be live by tomorrow :)




    Thank you!


    updates comes automaticly or what i have to do?



    you can download the update @ (download area). Afterwards replace the old theme files with the new ones.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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