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    I am trying to create a frontage that has a ‘slider’ region at the top. I LOVE the tempo and the look of the slider (fades more than slides) that you get when you integrate multiple featured images into a page through the ‘Add Featured Media’ boxes.

    The trouble I am having is this:

    I created a PAGE with multiple featured images that create the correct slider/fader at the top.

    I then created a TEMPLATE with the Template Builder that had

    1) Post/Page Content: I chose the above mentioned page.

    2) Blockquote with some text

    3) Products: a series of products in a slider, without product excerpt, without pagination, WITH shop slider row, but without the shop slider autorotation.

    When I created a ‘master’ page using the TEMPLATE above, everything is shown EXCEPT the 1) Post/Page Content, this is left off. If I this page separately, I see the slider I want at the top, if I integrate the page into a template, the page content is lost.

    Can someone illuminate this for me?

    Thanks so much!



    I think you forgot to add the SLIDESHOW element at the top.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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