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    When I first load the website, the frontpage does not load the portfolio thumbs, e preloads “forever”. But if a access another page (the portfolio for example) and go back to the home it loads the images imediatly. The portfolio page also loads the portfolio thumbs fine.

    What could be the problem?




    I visited your site and it loads fine. :)




    Thanks for the quick response Ismael! Could you give me a bit more info, on your access?

    I’ve tested from my home computer and from work, using chrome, firefox and safari always on a mac. They all behave the same way. When I load the site it does not finish loading the portfolio for as long as im on the page. But if I change to a diferent page and go back to the home page, it works.

    Here’s a print of 3 browsers open on my computer all on the home page.. No load :(

    Thanks again!


    Could this be a mac problem?

    It works on firefox on windows xp…

    Just a bit more info, so we can nail this.




    This issue has not been resolved.

    The behavior of the portfolio on the home page is erratic. Most of the time it loads correctly on firefox and safari. But Chrome and IE (on PC) does not load when you first enter the website. Loader image does not go away and images don’t load.

    Changing pages and returning to the home page will load the images imeadiatly. But this is a problem for visitors when they first reach the site.

    All help is apreciated.

    thanks again!


    Hey conrado_reis,

    I’m not sure whats going on. Looking with my test computers (both Windows Machines of different builds) the page and all images load fine. I don’t see any javascript errors or anything either. It does seem a little slow, but it could be a combination of the server location and my local internet connection.

    What version of OSX are you running?




    Thank you very much for your response Devin,

    When it loads it’s very fast. I found its not a image loading problem.

    Both macs that did not work on Google Chrome were OSX Snow Leopard. On my OSX Lion, at home, it loads fine.

    When the bug happens, the images are loaded, but are hidden behind the preloader, and there is “canvas” element missing which would load the grey version of the image.

    Links to print screens with Chrome element inspector open:

    First Load The site:

    Unclicking “visibility:hidden” under “.js_active” on the right column of the inspector shows the images behind the preloader:

    Going to another page and returning to the home page loads everything fine, you can see the “canvas” element below the image in the inspector:

    I have it working fine on Windows 7 and XP. But my business partner says he gets the bug on a PC on IE and Chrome, not sure which version.

    Thanks again guys!!!


    Hi conrado_reis,

    I tested your site on Windows XP IE7. IE8, IE9, and Chrome as well as Mac OX 10.5 Chrome and Firefox. The portfolio images did appear in greyscale as expected but I noticed it took longer than say what the demo does particularly with IE7. After clicking around then going back to the homepage the images appeared quicker.

    The only time I was able to recreate what you’re referring to is when I tested your site on Windows 7 (Home) in Chrome. I waited and only the slideshow above and second thumbnail in the portfolio list would load while the other three continued to show the preloader. When I refreshed all images appeared.

    Just to see if this was an issue with the theme I tested Kriesi’s demo in the same browser and all images load as expected within the first 3 – 5 seconds. Did you by chance to test the demo site in the browsers you were using to see if you had the same issue? I ask because I wonder if perhaps it was setting on your end or a combination of internet connect and the images that are being loaded in the portfolio.



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