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    Is there a way to create a 1-column option? I want a column option to display a post, but if I use the “Post/Page content” element, it’ll show the same post twice because I’ll also using the column element to display posts.



    I don’t understand your post! :O)

    A one column option is basically the default, because the template builder uses a full width base over which you can add elements like slide shows, widgets or columns. To make a ‘one column’ option you can create a single post area and fill it with the content of the post you specify. Or make a big (tall) slideshow area that just uses the featured images from the posts you display.

    You need to understand how the theme works to plan how your images are displayed. Posts are displayed in reverse posting order. The last post appears at the top of the list (it appears as the newest post) and all the others shuffle down to accomodate it. Unfortunately the column option doesn’t allow you to select specific posts and defaults to the above order. I asked Kriesi a while ago if he could add this option in, but apparently it involves changing a lot of the code.


    I’ll ask Kriesi to look into it. As far as I know the columns struture isn’t layed out to be used with just one column yet but maybe Kriesi can provide a clever solution (specific classes for 1 column layouts, etc.).


    Ok, but more important than that is being able to choose which post you want the template to apply to, including the option to have it as “this post”.

    Thanks Dude


    To clarify, this is what I want to do:

    On my “homepage” I want the first displayed post (i.e. the most recent published post) to be a the fullsize photo (i.e. 940 wide).

    Below it, I want to display the next recent posts (i.e. 2 or 3 in each row).

    If using the dynamic template, I select a specific the post I want to display for that first post (i.e. I’d choose the most recent post), and then use the Columns element or Blog element to display the next posts, I’m getting the most recent post shown twice.

    The post order isn’t the issue, the issue is that the most recent post would be displayed twice. I don’t want to choose a specific post for that first “one column” because then I’d have to manually change it each time I publish a new post.


    I think in order to do what you want, you will need to create a whole new single column option in the template builder which is basically full width (940px) and then set the height you want in functions.php once you have it established as a new .gridx value. As Dude was saying. You’ll also have to adjust some other files to be able to add that new column size as an option when you select the elements in the template builder. I’m not sure if you need to change the loop. Possibly not.

    It’s probably not too difficult (I created a new ruler option doing a similar thing), but you’ll need Dude or Kriesi to tell you all the files which need changing.

    I think you are getting repetition because the theme isn’t recognising that you have the same post in two different elements. If you create the homepage with this new one column option above the other columns I don’t think it will happen since the loop is working for all those elements together.

    If you had a single 1-column element over say three 3-column elements (10 elements in all) you would also eliminate the side bar automatically.

    If you get this working post all the fixes somewhere on the board because all these custom builds are useful to have around :O)

    This was the post where I made the new ruler, so you can see some of the other files that need fixing: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out)


    Unfortunately adding this feature proved to be much more complicated than I thought it would so for now I have to postpone the issue. the problem is that I only could fix this by modifying large portions of the dynamic template builder code which would probably break current installations and user who update their themes would also need to update their dynamic templates.

    I will further look into the issue but cant promis anything with existing themes :/

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