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    I am looking to either edit the existing frontpage template to remove the featured posts columns all together from the bottom. Where can I find this file?


    I tried creating a new template to use for the home page – however the slide show is not pulling any images. And, since the slideshow is its own feature, and not in the option for blog (when building a new template via the template builder page included with the theme) will it be full width or share the right of the blog feature?



    I think the template is called Frontpage if you look at the templates already set up in the template builder.

    The slideshow is controlled by the option to show featured posts, when you set up the blog element in the template builder. If you display featured posts you get the slideshow. If you don’t choose that option, it wont appear.

    When you set up a new front page its important to set the correct options in the wordpress dashboard settings/reading section, otherwise the latest posts wont display properly.



    I think rumblefish could answer your question. Please feel free to ask if you’ve any followup questions.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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