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    Theme in use: habitat

    Hello, i try to change/delete the option for the dynamic background image.

    (i know the function in the functions.php and that it s stored in the db table wp_options)

    Would need a solution to store the background image with properties in the css file.

    background-image: url('https://localhost:8888/xxx/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/xxx_bg.jpg'); background-repeat: repeat; background-position: top left; background-attachment: fixed;

    Sorry, i have tried nearly everything, but it doesn’t work fine for me right now.

    Maybe i assigned the code to a wrong class…?!


    Just delete following code


    from functions.php and add following to your stylesheet:

    background: url('my-image') #000;


    Hi, thanks for your reply..

    That is what i tried before. my or your code above in the style2.css (i use minimal for habitat) placed on the body class alone didn’t solve the problem. After your reply i had a second look at the generated source code with firebug and saw that the body tag has also an id (#top).

    Following code at the stylesheet (style2.css) solves my problem and shows the background image now:

    body, #top {

    background: url("https://domain/path/image.jpg") repeat top left fixed;


    May this help some others who have customers with poor webhosters like 1&1 and have troubles with the phpmemory limit to upload big background images from the backend.


    Glad that everything works now…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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