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    Hello Kriesi Team,

    I purchased DVin WooCommerce Wishlist WP Plugin ( (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /1995206) since it seemed like to be the only decent solution to add a wishlist on my (Abundance 1.4 – WooCommerce 1.6.1.) site, plus it is recommended from you here ( .

    Dvin, the developer guided me through some edits, but nothing really worked.

    I installed the plugin to another site based on the same theme (Abundance 1.4) and WooCommerce 1.6.1. just for the testing of the plugin to take place.

    I did change the permissions on wp-content directory to 775 (from 755),

    while I made sure that there is not an .htaccess file in wp-content directory,

    deactivated and then re-activated again the plugin.

    Now, either you are a logged in user or not, the “Add to Wishlist” button does NOT show up on the single product page at all (

    I also added this piece of code on functions.php provided by Dvin

    add_filter(‘dvin_wcwl_custom_link_positions’, ‘avia_adjust_wcwl_link_positions’);
    function avia_adjust_wcwl_link_positions() {
    unset( $dvin_wcwl_link_positions[‘After Thumbnail’] );
    $dvin_wcwl_link_positions[‘After Thumbnail’] = array( ‘hook_name’ => ‘avia_add_to_cart’, ‘priority’=>30 ); return $dvin_wcwl_link_positions; }

    but returns with an error and crashes the site.

    Please do advice for another action.




    Afaik Abundance uses the standard woocommerce template and you can use the standard hooks (they’re already available as standard options and you don’t need to add an additional hook option by using the filter code above. The code above is only required for themes like Propulsion or Flashlight). I’d try one of the three standard hook position and check which one gives you the best result.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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