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    Hi I recently installed Replete and i am having trouble with setup.

    all the menu pages appear in duplicate and When i click any of the main menu links i get Internal Server Error

    After activating WooCommerce i do not see the shop page in the main menu.

    Can you help please?


    Hi justaya,

    Kindly delete everything that you have done and start it again from scratch. You can use this video tutorial as a jumpstart from how to properly install your site to making it fully functional. :) This video tutorial uses a different theme but both are using the same framework, so we can assure you that it has the same backend functionality. Hope this helps. :)




    Thanks , but I tried deleting & reinstalling the theme but no change.

    Is there another way to delete all? Or any specific steps I need to take?


    Hi justaya,

    Try going to Appearance>Menus and modifying the menu you have there. It sounds like the menu links were duplicated and they may just point to incorrectly named pages (possibly due to a change in permalinks or something like that).




    Thanks will try that now but the SHop still doesn’t appear. Any idea why?


    You may need to go into the woo commerce settings>Pages and assign/create the pages that are required. They are typically created for you when you install everything but if they were not you’ll need to point the plugin towards everything.


    thanks guys. this is fixed.

    one last question. when i use the frontpage template from it links to the replete demo page

    how can i change this to link back to my own domain home page ?



    Do you mean the “Home” menu? Go to Appearance > Menu and change the url.




    sorry i still dont see my home page linking to my domain name. it still links the Kriesi Replete demo page. I tried using the CUSTOM LInks section and I added my domain name to the URL field then hit ADD to MENU then hit SAVE but it had no affect. HOw can i make it show my domain name?



    Do you mean the “Home” menu???? Can you give us a screenshot of the link you are trying to change?




    thanks Ismael. i fixed the link.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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