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    I installed the them (1.1) on WP3.2.1. Imported dummy data. Worked great. All of a sudden, a lot of information gone, pages left but all Portfolio Items gone when viewing the website but visible in Admin?

    Also is there any tut available that covers the whole process of setting up a portfolio? The dummy data doesn’t provide a lot of info (Pages empty, no custom templates are used etc.)




    Did you install any plugins? They might cause your theme to mess up somehow..

    You can read through the included documentation file that comes standard with the theme, for portfolio setup info check part B4.


    Nope, clean wp install. Not a lot of information in there..


    Please! Is there some way I can get in direct contact with someone who would be albe to help me with creating a portfolio page? Skype, GChat or something?


    The only solution I see here is to download the theme files again and re-upload them. You can use the wp-reset plugin to reset your installation. Your problem shouldn’t occur when the theme hasn’t been tampered with in combination with a clean and up-to-date wordpress installation.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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