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    The only options I see are left-sidebar and right-sidebar and full-width for page layout. Does this theme have a dual-sidebar function? If so, where can I find it?


    Hello khartmn,

    You should have the option to set it to medium preview image, left and right sidebar under Abundance -> Theme Options -> Layout & Settings under Default Blog and Page Layout and also with each page you create you can overwrite the default page layout e.g set it to medium preview image, left and right sidebar for dual sidebar. Hope this helps..




    Hi khartmn,

    No, I don’t believe it does have the option for a double sidebar.




    @ khartmn,

    Oh I’m sorry I have misread your question…


    I don’t see a Abundance option? Was there a recent theme update? I just purchased the theme 2 weeks ago.


    Hello khartmn,

    WarriorSan misread your question. There is no dual sidebar on Choices theme. Abundance is a different theme. :)




    I found the function for dual-sidebar within the side-bar.php file… Is this a function that was removed? Has anyone been able to active/manipulate this template to enable the dual sidebar?

    //check if we should display the left, right or both sidebars

    $sidebar_pos = avia_layout_class(‘main’, false);

    if(strpos($sidebar_pos, ‘sidebar_left’) !== false) $sidebars_to_show = array(‘left’);

    if(strpos($sidebar_pos, ‘sidebar_right’) !== false) $sidebars_to_show = array(‘right’);

    if(strpos($sidebar_pos, ‘dual-sidebar’) !== false) $sidebars_to_show = array(‘left’,’right’);

    $subNav = avia_get_option(‘page_nesting_nav’);

    //display the sidebars


    Hi khartmn,

    Most of the functions/framework are re-used and carry across the themes but not all themes have full support for all of the various options. So although the output very well could generate two sidebars, there could be quite a bit of additional changes needed in order to make them function correctly for the Choices theme.

    I’ll ask Kriesi if has any plans to add the additional sidebar options in or if its possible on this theme as well.




    Thank you so much for your reply, I’ve been banging my head against the wall trying to find a theme I like with dual sidebars. If Kriesi could make this happen it would be much appreciated.

    Thank you,


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