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    We have not ordered this product yet. We are trying to fix a problem with Newscast where we can only have 180 menu selections.

    Does it come with the ability to do a 1st and 2nd menu like Newscast? The demo only has one.

    It looks like the newest theme from Kriesi, we like Newscast quite a bit and have used it for over a year.



    I never experience a menu limit in WordPress maybe because I don’t have that much content and menus on any of the WordPress sites that I’ve been working on.

    Did you try this ?

    Choices supports only one set of menu by default but you can easily add a new one by calling another wp_nav_menu. You need to customized the menu to fit your design. Unlike Newscast, Choices doesn’t have two predefined sets of menus.




    No that is not it. This question was for a workaround to a problem we are having with the Newscast theme. (switching to any other theme works fine, it’s not a wordpress problem.

    Those details are here.

    The question here was does Choices support two levels (menu 1 and menu2) like newscast. We must find a theme that solves the problem if we can not fix the Newscast problem. 60% of our content has been invisible for 2 days.


    Thank you Ismael for your menu answer on Choices, I did not get a chance to say that since we were working parallel paths on the menu problem. I am going to add what we have learned so far to the Newscast posting, should it help others.



    Both themes rely on the standard wp menu manager/editor. Thus you’ll run into the same troubles with both themes. Maybe there’s a difference (eg +/- 30 menu items) but you’ll hit some kind of limit with both themes. We’ll merge this thread with:

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