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    Hi there,

    if you get search results there is an excerpt of the text frrom pages/articles/etc. .

    Mainly on Pages my first letter is a dropcap. These dropcaps you can’t see in the excerpts of text on the search results list.

    Text on pages/articles for example: ‘Test’ , (…’T’ is a dropcap)
    On search results is this: ‘est’

    So my question is:

    How can I add the letter ‘T’ (…which is a dropcap) to the search results page ?

    Thanks Guys
    The Blogwaeltler

    • This topic was modified 3 years, 9 months ago by  blogwaeltler.

    Hi blogwaeltler!

    You can edit includes > loop-search.php, find this code:

    $excerpt = trim(get_the_excerpt());
                        $excerpt = strip_shortcodes( get_the_content() );
                        $excerpt = apply_filters('the_excerpt', $excerpt);
                        $excerpt = str_replace(']]>', ']]>', $excerpt);
                        echo $excerpt;

    Replace it with:

    $excerpt = trim(get_the_excerpt());
                    echo do_shortcode(substr($excerpt, 0, 200));



    Ismael, thank you !

    Sometimes i’m stupid.
    For example at first i could use the additional ‘excerpt’ option in the page editing mode without the shortcode for dropcaps.

    But on the other site i would like to use your method. (So, the ‘writing’ of an additional text for the excerpt option wouldn’t be necessary.)

    For your method i have to create the loop-search.php because this file is nowhere.

    How should this file look above your posted code ‘$excerpt = trim(get_the_excerpt())’ …and beneath the last line of your code ‘do_shortcode(substr($excerpt, 0, 200))’ ?

    In which folder I have to copy this new loop-search.php ?

    Thanks Guys,




    The loop-search.php is inside the includes folder in your theme files. You don’t need to create it, just modify it according to Ismael’s suggested changes.

    Best regards,


    Hi Devin,
    unfortunetaly there isn’t this file.
    I’m using a fresh downloaded flashlight version 2.4.1.
    On the installed wordpress with flashlight (…on webspace) and in the original downloaded flashlight version 2.4.1 i can’t find this file.
    In the zipped 2.4.1 file (…downloaded from themeforest) there isn’t a loop-search.php… in none directory.


    Best regards,
    The blogwaeltler



    If you use the “excerpt” option field you can’t use shortcodes. If you want to activate the shortcodes in the “content” text open up includes > loop-search.php and replace

    $excerpt = strip_shortcodes( get_the_content() );


    $excerpt = do_shortcodes( get_the_content() );

    Best regards,

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