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    Just information. When I created the post with dropcap1 for the first letter for each of paragraphs, the letter of the first paragraph disappears on the blog-page. I cannot use the dropcaps for the first paragraph from this. Example of post is hear http://www.fotoetude.com/2012/02/21/kulonleges-nap/ for illustration of this little problem.




    Hi Fotomaster,

    I just tried to duplicate the same issue but didn’t get the same problem. Make sure you don’t have any additional plugins running and see if that fixes the dropcap issue for you.


    Hi Devin!

    Thanks for answer!

    Now the following plugins are activated:

    – Jetpack by WordPress.com (don’t understand what this plugin can bring to my site);

    – Post Types Order (it is well for arranging of order of post and portfolio);

    – Attachments (this plugin was installed and activated with the directions from here https://kriesi.at/support/topic/how-to-use-the-“media-gallery”- (Purchase code hidden if logged out) #post-41247 . Maybe, the problems appeared after changing of helper-slideshow.php file – for exammple, I was obliged to rearrange the images’ orders for all posts and portfolio-enters after installation of plugin. Update: the post types order was the case of additional reordering of images in my posts/portfolio-enters, not the “attachments” plugin).

    Ok, I’m going to check all again. Thank you for important message. Will inform about of the result of checking soon.


    Update: I have reinstalled of theme, the current version for Flashlight is 1.5.2 (as it was before, I suppose). The working with the dropcaps was checking under “no activated plugins'” condition. Also the helper-slideshow.php file was unchanged. But the dropcaps still don’t work (checked in Opera? IE9 and Crome) – see the first text’s line here http://www.fotoetude.com/2012/02/21/kulonleges-nap/ and here http://www.fotoetude.com/blog/


    It would be quite surprising if the post order plugin or the attachments plugin cause this issue. I think it’s a problem with the excerpt. Maybe you filled in the text with html tags into the excerpt box and wp strips it? Or you use an excerpt plugin which strips html content? Try if following mod changes the output. Open up includes/loop-index.php and replace

    if(is_search() || avia_is_overview())
    the_content(__('Read more →','avia_framework'));


    the_content(__('Read more  →','avia_framework'));

    If yes it’s a problem with the excerpt.


    Thanks for the interest to this little problem (strange behavior) with dropcaps!

    “It would be quite surprising if the post order plugin or the attachments plugin cause this issue.”

    As I wrote in the previous message, I have already checked of the working of blog with deactivated both plugins (and even more – all plugins were deactivated, and all Flashlight files were replaced from fresh version of Flashlight downloaded from Themeforest market today). But the problem with the dropcaps still exists independently of that.

    Nevertheless, I have replaced the part of code of the loop-index.php with help of the wp-editor , as you offered. This replacing was break down the links above – when I visited the http://www.fotoetude.com/2012/02/21/kulonleges-nap/ or http://www.fotoetude.com/blog/ after – I could see only the text of the post http://www.fotoetude.com/2012/02/21/kulonleges-nap/ , without of pictures. Maybe, this information says something for you!

    I can make the login for checking of working of template for you – if it is required for you, please, give me e-mail for sending the details of support account.

    I appreciate your kind helping! Thank you!


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