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    Some of the content I am about to add to my website are listed below each have about 20 separate pages to them all. So you can imagine how long it will be if we don’t find a way to make it collapse like a Accordion to the main category names.

    Can I do it with this theme or anyone know a plugin I could use?

    About New Zealand

    – North Island

    – South Island

    – Stewart Island

    – Accommodation

    – Transportation

    – Visas

    – Health Services

    – Regional Weather

    – Clothing

    – Electricity

    – Food & Cuisine

    – Internet Access

    – Shopping

    – New Zealand Map

    Adventure Thrill Sports SEE the old site

    – 4WD Safaris

    – 4 Wheel Motorbikes

    – Abseiling

    – Adventure Tours

    – Aerial Sightseeing

    – Aerobatics

    – Black Water Rafting

    – Bungy Jumping

    – Canoeing/Kayaking

    – Canyoning

    – Caving

    – Cycling

    – Fly By Wire

    – Glacier Walking

    – Heli-skiing

    – Horse Trekking

    – Hot Air Ballooning

    – Hunting

    – Jet Boating

    – Motorcycle Tours

    – Mountain Biking

    – Mountaineering

    – Orienteering

    – Packages

    – Parapenting

    – Rafting

    – River Sledging

    – Rock Climbing

    – Scuba Diving

    – Skiing

    – Sky Diving

    – Snowboarding

    – Surfing

    – Swim With Dolphins

    – Theme Parks

    – Walking/Trekking

    – Windsurfing

    – Zorbing

    Bungy Jumping Sites

    Diving Locations

    Fishing Guides

    Forest Parks

    Freshwater Fisheries

    Golf Course Regions

    Green Camping Guide

    Free & Low Cost Activities

    Great Walking Tracks

    History of the Maori

    Hunting Regions

    National Parks

    Rafting & Kayaking

    Scenic Highlights

    Ski Areas & Heli-Ski Sites

    Small Town Travel Guide

    Surfing Locations

    Touring Guide

    Wine Regions



    I believe the easiest option would be to use a plugin. Mind you I’ve never used these plugins with Newscast so I can’t attest that will in fact work. Neverless here is a list. (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) /

    Hope this helps!




    Hey Mya

    Thank you so much that Accordion Menu is so ideal it is not not funny!! thank you for your time!

    Any good at understand what I maybe doing wrong with this Topic? (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -in-the-news-slideshow

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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