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    I just purchased the “levitation” wordpress theme and am a bit disappointed… on my sites I often use drop down menu items to link to anchors within a page. first thing I noticed about the theme is that it looks as though the only way to add items to a sub menu is to create a new page and set its parent page to one of the other pages. Lets say I have a page called “instructors” with a very short bio for each instructor. Each Bio is hardly worth an entire page and it is often helpful for someone to be able to go to the “Instructors” page in order to easily scan all the instructors. So my question is …is it not possible to create a new “sub menu item” under instructors that would link to an anchor within the instructors page using this theme? Any help would be appreciated.



    Levitation doesn’t support WP3 menu manager at the moment (so you can’t add external links, etc. out of the box). You can try menu manager plugins like: which will help you to create a custom menu.



    Thanks… I’ll give that a try. any chances that you will be modifying the levitation theme in the near future to support the menu manager?



    It’s possible, Kriesi’s working on a new framework but I don’t know what the plans are regarding updates to older themes.

    If there is an update, we’ll make an announcement here.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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