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    Hi there, I have a main menu where one of the items (about) is not a page in itself, only the sub-menu-items (background, experience, fairs), which appear as dropdown items, are actual pages. Where the display is on full screen width, this is fine, as I have disabled the link to “about” so it is not clickable. However on mobile devices, where the drop down box menu displays, it is not so obvious to someone browsing the navigational menu.

    This is because you can choose the menu item “about” from the dropdown box and appear to click on it…and then nothing happens. Is there anyway around this as I feel it adds confusion to the main navigation? It is actually worse on an iphone because the indentations which appear before each sub-menu item do not appear on the iphone display. So it looks as though there are four menu items, whereas in fact there are just three.

    Many thanks,



    Hi Susan,

    Unfortunately no I don’t believe there is. The mobile menu doesn’t have any way to target individual items within the menu so I can’t think of way in which you could try and remove it on mobile only or hide it in some fashion.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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