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    Is it possible to create a dynamic drop down menu from the nav_menu ?

    I have downloaded a js menu, but cant set it up properly. Its asking me to show where the menu is in the script.js file

    $(document).ready(function (){ //Usage $(“.menu ul li”).verticalMenu(); });

    What do I need to do with this file ( i presume its this file I need to alter as its the start up file.




    I think it’s not an easy task to implement the menu script. However you can apply the script function to following element:

    .main_menu ul li


    So i need to change something in the css file?


    Hey Dude!

    I have tried to get the menu working but changing the class of teh menu isnt enough. Maybe you can suggest anther way of hiding the sub menus till opened on hover.


    Basically the script should hide/toggle all elements otherwise all clients without javascript won’t see the menu. You can hide the submenu with following code:

    #top #main .sub-menu {
    display: none;



    Hiding the submenu is usefull, but I need to make the sub menus show on hover. Is this possible for a novice programmer like me?



    I can’t say “yes” or “no” here because I don’t know the script. It sounds like a tricky task which may requires some debugging. Please understand that I can’t provide support for custom mods like this one.


    Ok thanks,

    I am in contact with the programmer of the script so hopefully he will be able to help, in the mean time however, is there a theme similar to Coalition which uses a drop down menu that you could recommend? I might use that one instead.



    I eventually managed to create a drop down, using a widget. I have since seen an option on the coalition page section insert to add a submenu item: Is this dropdown? Is it automatically hidden till parent clicked?

    Please confirm or deny


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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