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    I am having trouble setting up the drop down menu on my website ( . Under services menu, I should have sub menus listed, I have put this under Services parent but I am unable to find the drop down on the list like what the documentation is telling me to do.

    Another thing is the slider, when I installed the theme, it doesn’t work. Are there more details to follow this step by step.


    I’m also having the same problem. Hopefully Dude you can come to our help. Oddly enough I have a demo site running which works fine, when I copied the content and moved it over it stopped working.

    Many thanks,




    can you post a link please – maybe it’s a js error.


    the drop menu for me is still not solved.


    It seems like you didn’t set sub menu items. The source code outputs main menu items only. You can build your custom menu by using the menu manager (Appearance > Menus). Please upgrade yout Twicet installation to the latest version before (otherwise the theme will not support WP3+ features).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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