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    I guess this is a WooCommerce problem and not mainly Abundance-related, but maybe someone here has a fix or workaround.

    Usually you could drag around product attributes and re-order them.

    Still (kinda) works, but the handle in the first column is not displayed for every product, only once above the list and with a weird circle around it. You have to drag “blindly”, you can only drag the last one, and the position where you drop the attribute is not the place where it is going to go (but a few cm above… )

    Quite screwed and a pain in the butt if you use a lot of attributes like me…


    Any ideas much appreciated…





    Have you tried using a different browser? At least Chrome & Firefox (newest versions) should handle it fine, unless it is an actual WooCommerce bug .. in which case it’s best to contact their support.




    Hey Chris,

    sure, tried that. A lot has to happen before I touch Chrome ;-), but Firefox, Opera and Safari all show the same behaviour.

    Since it did not disappear even after I disabled all other plugins and switched to TwentyEleven as theme, and also shows up on a fresh install, I am quite sure it is a but in the latest WooC release. Will try the latest SVN version and report on their forums. Will report back here if I find a solution.




    HAH, got it. It WAS a plugin conflict, the only one I did not think of – running “Anticipate” from ElegantThemes (“coming soon”/maintenance theme-plugin) while I am working on the site. Usually very compatible and stable, but in this case somehow interfered with the backend CSS.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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