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    Hello, which is the simplest way to set a product as downloadable with an option costing € 10 for the delivery?

    I need this for a shop selling vouchers. The clients can choose if they simply want to download the voucher after purchase (a PDF file), or spend € 10 more to have it shipped at home in a small box…

    Thanks! :-)



    Maybe you have to create to products ;-) one donwlable, and the second for shipping.

    Or try to add attributes one without shipping, the other with shipping ?


    Yes – I think this is the easiest solution. Then create two shipping classes (eg Download and Voucher) and select 10€ shipping costs for the voucher.


    Dude, where can I find a good tutorial to understand shipping classes ? I’m a little lost in this parameters ! :)

    Do the classes can support differents products weights in the cart ?

    ie : 1 book = 3$

    2 books = 4.5$

    Thank’s a lot.


    No – I think you need this plugin: Table Rate Shipping for this task. It allows you to use quantity, weight etc. logic for the shipping rates. The classes can be used if you want to use different rates for different products (i.e. all books are class A, all CDs Class B, all bundles class C, etc.) or you can use to limit shipping – eg to certain countries (lets say I want to ship the books only to Austria and all other items to Germany and Austria. In this case I’d add the class “Austria” to all books and “Germany/Austria” to all other items.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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