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    Can the Abundance theme handle files that can be downloaded. Am selling PDF files and downloadable videos. So for example when my customer pays for a product they can then download those files.


    yes, WooCommerce does that. Only thing that is a bit complicated right now: if you are selling the PDF and the same book as physical book, e.g. via Amazon, you can not create ONE product with those two options, but have to use TWO separate products, one as an affiliate product, the other as a downloadable product.


    The only drawback is that you can’t protect downloadable products. If a customer shares the links with friends, etc. they can all download the pdf files/videos from your server. I’m not naive and obviously anyone can share files instead of links but some kind of protection would reduce the server load on your end at least.


    indeed, Dude. Have not tested it yet – but I guess it is possible to

    a) enter absolute paths in the store backend, placing the files outside the web-accessible directories. (but I am not sure about that, it’s on my list of things to test for the next couple of days)

    b) protect the directory for your downloads with the usual measures (.htaccess, referrer check, etc.) against hotlinking and direct downloads.

    c) also not tested yet, but might work: if a) does not work, use another plugin like drainhole to place downloads in a safe directory, then give woocommerce the link to the drainhole download.

    Anyways: digital downloads are never safe, personally I consider filesharing as free advertising for me and my books – and there are always folks who value a good product and/or support and decide to pay (look at me – I got Abundance from “elsewhere” first, dicided I liked it, purchased it ;-) )




    I just noticed that someone requested this feature:

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