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    hello how are you? Newcast bought the theme a few days and came up some doubts, I am not able to put pages and categories in the header or would like to know if there is any option for that, and also like to know the size of thumbnails to be used with good quality thanks


    Newscast uses the WordPress Custom Menus function, so you need to add links to pages and categories etc here: WP admin -> Appearance -> Menus

    Where do you want thumbnails to appear and at what size?


    hello, thanks for taking questions, I could already solve the problem of

    miniatures, but with’m heading problem with the menus, since there appeared to option

    Two menus, the options says I can only use one for that theme, I click

    more, create another so that the pages can not be separated from

    categories, came about a few topics, but could not solve the

    problem.ja follow the explanation that comes with it, but still not

    solved thanks



    You can also include a custom menu as a widget so you have the option to create more than 1 menu.

    One menu is loaded within the theme and is the main navigation.

    If you need further clarification / help, let me know.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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