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    I would like to remove the double tap required to view a product on mobile devices.
    Currently tapping on a image on mobile devices trigger the hover state, then another tap is required to go to that product.
    Website is



    Let me tag Kriesi and Devin.



    Ok Thanks



    I’m not really sure how we could change that behavior. I know there are some javascript hacks that can change click/hover behavior for touch only screens but with touch capable laptops and desktops available now its no longer considered proper usage to do that (and I couldn’t write the custom js from scratch without a good bit of trial and error anyhow).

    Maybe Kriesi has an idea or solution.




    Hey Devin,
    I just want the same 1 click/tap behavior on mobile to be the same on desktop for product categories.

    One click on a product > product details page

    What is happening on mobile is
    1st tap > product image enters hover state >
    second tap > product details page

    I am worried users won’t know to tap the image a second time and may simply think the site is broken
    or the link isn’t working.


    The issue is that you aren’t actually clicking twice. The user is clicking to create the “hover” that a desktop users gets from the mouse. The ipad or touch device just doesn’t have a hover element because all input is direct touch (no actual hovering of a mouse over an element). So the browser on the touch device tries to mimic a hover by activating the hover effect when you first click on the product.


    Hey! The problem in this case is indeed the natural behavior of a mobile browser: if an element got a hover state applied the first click on that element will activate that, the next will do the actual click event.

    Since the enfold products all do display additional buttons when in hover state I am not too worried that a user doesnt know what to do. You can of course, always try to either trigger a click event on mobile devices if the user triggers the hover but unfortunately this is out of the scope for the default support we can provide in this case.

    If you need that, feel free to search for a freelancer ( on for example ) and let them do it for you. Cant imagine that it wuld take up more than 2 hours work :)


    Ok. I wish one tap/click to product was an toggle option :(
    I hid the additional buttons on hover, so I will turn those back on that way mobile users know something is happening on that first tap


    ok :)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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