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    Hello, when i do tests it looks like my domain is loading twice slowing down my site, especially my product pages. They used to load in 2-3 sec and now 17-20 sec. I just moved to a better server and have optimum settings. cloudflare, cdn, apc, i tried to turn off nearly all my plugins but its the same and worse without any cache plugin. If you look at the second File/path in the reports below it is always my root domain. Does this look normal?!/c4CklS/!/u87QU/ (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -chocolate


    Hi jwt2030,

    What are your settings in wordpress for Settings>Permalinks?





    Product permalink base

    These settings control the permalinks used for products. These settings only apply when not using “default” permalinks above.



    Looking at the site as is I’m seeing everything loading in quickly and no errors or issues with the filepaths. Its getting a C in YSlow but in actual speed of delivery at least on my end there isn’t any issue.


    Before Woocommerce 2.0 i never used page cache with WT3 Cache. I read somewhere it caused issues and slowed it down even more.

    But i just started using the page cache, with all minify settings, max cdn, apc object, and cache preload real sped up my site pages.

    My product pages are really slow, I have over 50,000 product pages, so the site cannot preload all those pages quickly enough. This themes code is many times better than my last theme. When i switched to this theme, i remember the product pages popping up very fast without any cache system. Within 2 seconds. Now with or without the caching it is still between 12-30 seconds. I tried disabling plugins. I saw the domain load twice in most my domain test runs and just wondered if it had to load the DOM and page twice before rendering.


    I’m just not able to replicate that on my end. Maybe try logging out of your wordpress installation and view it again. If I remember correctly most caching plugins don’t actually pull from cached data by default for logged in users or just admin accounts.


    Ok. Thank you for your quick help. I didnt know if i needed to open up a new ticket but with WordPress SEO Yoast when i enable the xml sitemap function all my product pages do not work. I get 404 page errors. And if i click on a product category it will try to pull up posts related to that category word. Have you came across this issue?


    On the product page reports from pingdom i see the root domain in the test after the minifications. I included a image below.!/dK14Nr/ (Purchase code hidden if logged out)!/byId7X/ (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -2


    I don’t have any experience with that tool, but looking at other site result that is how all of them look.

    Seems like this is a non-issue.

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