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    I’m using this plugin here at my site:

    and was wondering why only the youtube and the vimeo-link in the footer widget (that leads just to my Youtube/Vimeo profile and not a video!) tries to open in a lightbox – all other icons resp. links of this widget open normal in new window, leading me to the related site.

    Yes, I know, that you do not offer support for plugins, but I’ve contacted the author of this plugin and he lets me know, that he knows the problem with youtube and vimeo links, and he said that this is caused by the theme, where videos are tried to be opened in a lightbox and he recommended me to contact the theme’s author.

    Since this effect is only with the youtube and the vimeo icon, that try to open in lightbox, and all other links are working fine, I guess, that there is something in the theme VELVET coded in that way, that links leading to the youtube and the vimeo domain are tried to be opened in lightbox. The links are set as profile URLs and NOT video URLs in my case!

    So it must have to do something with the theme and the video presentation!

    For testing it, I have disabled all plugins and this was no solution!

    No, I have not any youtube or vimeo plugins installed, nor use I videos at my site!

    The problem is known here – concerning themes and not the plugin itself: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -link-not-working

    Quote from this forum topic, where the plugin’s author said:

    “When you click on the Vimeo link, it generates an error in a javascript file … What this is telling me is that it’s grabbing any links that have, grabs whatever is in the link, figures out which video you’re talking about, throws extra settings onto it and renders the vimeo video in a lightbox.

    So please contact your theme creator about how to fix this.”

    Is it right and where can I de-activate that for VELVET?




    Try to add following js code to js/avia.js – insert it at the very top after the document.ready line:

    jQuery('.socialmedia-buttons a').addClass('noLightbox');




    thanks a lot!



    Glad that I could help you :)



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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