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    I wanted to add some specific content on one of my pages through a widget. Added the option on the Coalition Theme Options to show a widget area on one of the pages. Saved. This area then appeared on the Appearance – Widgets page. I added a widget but nothing happens on the page where it should. Tried a different page and tried different widgets I have available.

    Am I missing something?


    Hi mcdragon,

    Is this with the one page portfolio layout? If so, it doesn’t support adding additional columns/widget areas to pages within the one page layout. You’ll need to add all content to through the One Page Portfolio builder in the theme options.

    So adding a Columns element and making part of it page/post content and the other widget area would work.




    Hi Devin

    Yes, I am using a one page portfolio, but I wanted to add the widget to the bottom of a post. Not to add a new column. I understood that was what it did.

    In my case I am using the Facebook plugin and that gives you the option of adding their widgets. I wanted to add a certain Facebook widget to the About me page in the OnePage portfolio.

    Here is my website …




    Yes, in that case it isn’t possible to do so in the way you are describing. You can make a page area encompass a column element with a widget area and the about page content but you can’t just add a widget to a page.




    So there are no easy ways or any at all of using the Facebook widgets on my website :-(


    You can add a column element to the bottom of that page section and then add the widget into one of the columns inside that element (once you’ve made one of the columns a widget accepting area)


    How would I add a column element? Not sure how to do that.


    When viewing the template for the one page portfolio, you can use the dropdown above the area to select a column element and then hit the button next to the selection. It will be added to the bottom of the whole thing and then be dragged to wherever you want it to appear.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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