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    My hosting company just updated the server to PHP 5.4 and now my Coherence installation is not working properly. See here:
    The images and plugins are not showing. Also the widgets at the bottom seem to stop after the first column though they are all there when I check in WordPress.

    I had updated the Coherence theme to the latest version in November.

    Any chance you know what is happening?

    Thank you.


    Okay, so I have figured out that removing the form I had previously had in the center footer widget allowed the rest of the page to work fine. The problem now is that I need that form and the theme has decided that Pages are to be the default item in that center footer. If I put something else in place it works, except if I use a text widget to add a form.

    Any thoughts?


    Alright, a bit more testing as shown me that the issue is with Contact Form 7 and the Really Simple Captcha requirement for authentication. Any thoughts on a better way to put a little form in that center part of the footer?



    What is the issue with the contact form? I tested it and the form is sent properly.



    I got it figured out I think. It took a little time to get the form to send properly from both the quick form and the contact us, but all seems to be sorted out.

    Thank you.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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