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    Hi guys

    How can does Angular support only 1 portfolio or can I create several portfolios as well?

    You can view my portfolio page here

    However what I would like is to have is that page as my main portfolio and then separate pages with more and different campaigns as separate portfolios. These would be accessible from submenus by clicking on the ‘Campaigns’ link.

    At the moment the Theme Options in the WP Admin Panel only seems to allow for one portfolio only, unless I missed something.

    Any help will be much appreciated.




    You can create as may portfolios and portfolio pages as you like. Just go to Angular > Theme Options > Portfolio and scroll down. You’ll see a green plus (+) and red X symbol in the bottom right corner of the portfolio option field. Click on the green plus and the option panel will fade in another (second) portfolio option field – you can set a different page, portfolio categories etc. for this portfolio too. If you want to remove a portfolio click on the red X symbol, if you want to add another portfolio click on the green plus symbol. In addition you can add new portfolios by using the template builder element.


    Hi Dude

    I tried that already, however the same content appears in every new portfolio and I can’t create new portfolios with different content each.

    If the ‘newly created’ portfolio looks for content on the ‘portfolio items’ on the WP-Admin tags, how can I get different content to appear in different portfolios?

    Also on your reply, you refer to the template builder element. I already created new portfolio templates there, however the same problem stands. I want to have the same media categories for all the work across all different platforms. As it is it’s not working. Does it mean therefore, that I need to have different media categories for different portfolios?

    Thanks in advance for your support.



    You have to select what categories each portfolio is to show, this you do under Angular > Theme Options > Portfolio

    So for a subpage under portfolio you make a new portfolio under Angular > Theme Options > Portfolio

    The first option is where you chose which categories this PARTICULAR PORTFOLIO will show.

    Second option is where you set which page (your new subpage) should display this new portfolio you just created.

    Yes i believe the way you sort your portfolios is with categories so if you want to have a portfolio with campaign “items” you just make a category for that specific campaign.


    Paul L.


    Thanks for input Paul!

    Zorrrrro: If I’m following you correctly, I would create categories based off the portfolios I wanted e.g. Design Portfolio and Campaign Portfolio. Underneath each of those I would create sub-categories e.g. illustration, logos, etc. Once done I would go to Portfolio Options or Template Builder and setup the pages.

    Would that accomplish what you want?



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